Emicor unveils vertical rotary parking system for the Philippines

Parking multiple cars in a small space is now possible after Emicor Inc. presented Smart Parking, the first fully automated vertical rotary parking system in the Philippines. It was created by Korean company Dong Yang PC, and has been continuously improved to suit the needs of customers around the world. During installation, Mr. D.Y. Park, founder and CEO and Mr. Hyok Choi, R&D team director, also travel to ensure the safety of install and smooth operation.

Smart Parking is suitable for areas that already have existing structures and limited parking spaces. The unit itself will take up the equivalent of 2 parking slots (approx. 32sqm). Should ingress and egress be a problem, an optional electric turntable can be installed. The unit is fully built in Korea, apart from the German motor. It carries a 10 year warranty with a lifespan of at least 25 years.

Emicor unveils vertical rotary parking system for the Philippines

The smallest unit can hold 6 sedans and the largest would be for 16 sedans. For taller vehicles, the maximum unit capacity would be for 12 SUVs. Exterior canopy and facade cladding are also available and can be customized.

Installation only takes 5 days which includes calibration, testing, and training for operation. The structural safety requirements followed are a design about to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake and 300 km/h winds.

The Emicor team with the new rotary parking system

Given the infrastructure issues concerning Metro Manila roads and traffic, Emicor believes that Smart Parking is an ideal solution for building and property owners, especially with the impending new regulations on required parking spaces for vehicle owners.

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